Types of SPA treatments

Types of SPA treatments

There are a great many types of SPA events, and there are both comprehensive programs and SPA procedures only, for example, for hands or for face. Today, the most popular SPA-programs include:

SPA-procedures for hair.

In the “recruitment”, specialists usually refer to such procedures as hot wrapping to give hair elasticity and strength, mineralization - to restore dyed and bleached hair, lamination using various algae extracts , tightening the structure of the hair and making curls smoother. There are other services, including restoration, nutrition, moisturizing, peeling and cleansing of the scalp, masks that stimulate growth, etc.

SPA procedures for the face

To get rid of traces of fatigue and lack of sleep, remove the first wrinkles, make the skin more elastic - SPA methods for the face “cope” with all these goals. In the salons you will be offered scrubs and peels, vitamin and clay masks, massages and hardware procedures. To consolidate the result, it is worth paying attention to lotions, creams and cosmetics based on marine minerals.